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A Plumber Will Not…

A home plumbing system can be very fickle. Treating it with love and care is essential. You must treat it right, but how are you supposed to know what is right? Below, we will be going over five things you should never do to your homes plumbing system (and things you should know about it). You can consider the below list and collection of things that a plumber would either know about their system and what they would never do to their system.

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A plumber only flushes two things: toilet paper and human waste. Our team of NYC plumbers have lost count of the number of toilet clogs that we cause by “flushable wipes.” Although a box or package might claim it is toilet-safe, you should avoid flushing it. Again, only flush toilet paper and body waste.

Know where your home’s main water valve is. Hopefully, you will not have to use it, but knowing where it can be is the difference between a wet floor and a flood.

Do not use chemical cleaners. The four reasons to not use chemical cleaners are:

  1. Bad Smell
  2. Toxic to Skin
  3. Does not Fully Clean Clogs
  4. Erodes Piping (which leads to leaks and low water pressure)

Do not try to fix plumbing problems you are not equipped to fix. In order to get the job done, you must have the right knowledge and tools. Without the two above things, you can potentially make problems much worse.

Trust the habits of a New York City Plumber, and treat your plumbing system with respect and care.


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