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Advise from a Plumber

When growing up, we get great advise from parents, teachers, and more, but that doesn't mean people know how to do everything. If you were never taught to use something, it makes sense that you wouldn't know how to use it. Not everyone is taught how to properly use their sinks, showers, and water heaters, and as a result people suffer from plumbing emergencies. Below is a list of the most important advice to take from a plumber.

1) Only flush toilet paper and human waste. It is not uncommon for people to flush paper towels, food products, and feminine hygiene products, but these should never be flushed. Even products that claim to be flushable are usually only half telling the truth.

2) Hopefully you will never need to use your water main valve, but you need to know where it is in your home. Knowing this fact can save your house from flooding.

3) Drop in toilet fresheners is easy to use, but the chemicals components that make them up are corrosive to the moving parts inside the toilet tank. Avoid using them.

4) Avoid using drain cleaners in your sink and your toilet. If water is draining slowly, you are suffering from clogged pipes. Chemicals will never clear the whole clog, and they will destroy your pipes in the process. They are great for one-time use in an emergency situation, but you should reach out to a plumber in NYC to truly get rid of all clogs.

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