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Are Your Plumbing Pipes Frozen?

Plumber NYCIt is not unusual to experience long stretches of temperatures below freezing while living in Manhattan. This weather forces people to bundle up when going outside, meaning wearing layers, gloves, hats, scarfs, and even face masks. Taking the time to prepare for the outside elements allows individuals to get from place to place comfortably. Unfortunately, some of your home appliances are not able to dress for the weather. One of the most easily affected areas in the home can lead to expensive, dangerous, and inconvenient situations. We are talking about frozen plumbing pipes.
Plumbing pipes that are located outside the house, in basements, in ceilings or attics, or are close to exterior walls are all subject to freezing when temperatures drop below freezing. The longer the temperatures stay cold, the bigger the chances of encountering this problem. How do you know if your pipes have frozen or not?
There are four simple things homeowners and tenants can look for. These four things include:

  1. Do you have full pressure when turning on faucets? Frozen pipes will either turn water flows to a trickle or will completely stop water from flowing. This can happen for both hot and cold water. Don’t spend your winter without hot, running water
  2. Look at exposed or visible pipes in your home and see if you can spot any frost on the pipes. Frost on the outside of a pipe is an indicator (not guaranteed) that there is frozen water stuck in your plumbing system
  3. When water cannot drain properly because of the clog, that dirty, old water can begin to smell. If you notice bad smells from faucets or drains, you could potentially have a frozen pipe.
  4. When taking a shower, most people hope that water will stay at a consistent, comfortable temperature. This can be tricky when dealing with frozen pipes. If you notice inconstancies in water temperature, you should reach out for a plumber in NYC.

The only real way to know about a frozen pipe is to call experts to examine your system. Our team can help you assess and address winter related plumbing problems and can even provide solutions to prevent pipes from freezing in the first place. Call us for the best plumbers New York City has.


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