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Benefits of Using a Garbage Disposal and How to Use It

Home kitchens that utilize garage disposals are a little eco-friendlier than homes that do not. Garbage disposals allow for safer disposal of food and liquid products because food does not end up decomposing in a landfill. Food that is gotten rid of through a disposal ends up at water treatment plants that are equipped to handle the methane gases produced from decomposing food.

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Using a garbage disposal is not difficult, and users are only required to follow a few rules. For instance, fibrous materials, liquid grease, fruit pits, and eggshells should not be processed in a garbage disposal. By disposing of the above materials (and some others), it is possible to impede the optimal performance of your system. Pits can dull blades, whereas grease can cause clogs.

Besides being mindful of what you feed your disposal, it is crucial for owners to clean out the system regularly. Never stick a hand inside of a garbage disposal. The first step of cleaning garbage disposal is to flush the system with water. Water will dislodge loose dirt, food, and grime. This can be completed by first plugging the opening of the disposal and then filling the sink with roughly three inches of hot water. Then, add dish soap and swoosh water around. Finally, remove the plug and let the water flush out the system. Make sure water is hot so that it can liquefy grease.

You can also:

  • Use ice cubes and salt to help remove grime that is caked onto disposal blades
  • Use a long-handled scrubbing brush to clean the inside of the system. Never stick your hand inside of a garbage disposal

If you have significant issues with your disposal, a plumber in NYC can help repair your system. When looking for plumbers New York City, give us a call first.


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