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Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Winters in New York City can get cold. As fall fades away and the temperature begins to drop to freezing levels, issues with home plumbing can start to arise. The cold weather is not kind to homes, and that is why it is so important to prepare your house beforehand. Simple steps, such as insulating pipes, can help to alleviate common winter plumbing problems.

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However, even after taking necessary precautions, issues can still occur. Below, we will discuss some typical plumbing problems that homeowners face in the winter.

Frozen pipes are one of the most common problems homeowners come across when the winter months arrive. Catching a frozen pipe early is crucial and can help prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. If you experience frozen pipes in your home, be sure to turn off your water immediately. This should be the primary thing you do before doing anything else. Once the water has been turned off, open the faucet that appears to be blocked. You can use simple household appliances, such as a hair dryer, to thaw the frozen pipe. Never use an open flame though as that can cause more damage.

If you don’t catch a frozen pipe early enough or you’re unable to thaw the pipe yourself, it’s time to call in a professional. You should always have the number to an emergency plumber NYC on file for all your winter plumbing issues. Professional plumbers help fix frozen pipes before significant problems.

When the weather is cold outside, you may notice that the water from your faucets takes longer to heat up. This is another common winter plumbing problem. Uninsulated pipes, a faulty water heater, or blockage in your system are all causes for this issue.

If you’re facing any of these common winter issues in your home, contact a plumber NYC immediately. They can help fix the issue and winterize your home to help prevent future problems from happening.

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