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Dealing with Mold on Toilets

If you notice a black ring around the base of your toilet, where the toilet connects to the floor, it could be caused by one of three things: mold, black bacteria, or sewage. The black ring might not be noticeable at first, because there is no excess water on the floor as a result of leakage or condensation on the outside of the bowl. Instead, the black ring is caused because of a breaking of the wax seal that connects the toilet to the floor. If there is a backup in the plumbing pipes, this will force more water and waste through the broken wax seal. It is important to fix both problems. The only way to completely stop the black ring from growing is to remove the toilet completely and to replace the wax seal. Although doable as a DIY job, hiring a plumber in NYC is the only way to truly fix the problem.

There are known health risks associated with breathing in bacteria and mold, and so your bathroom should be fixed quickly. This is especially the case for bathrooms that are used by the young and old. Not only does this problem effect health, but it also ruins the beauty of a bathroom. Deal with the problem sooner than later.

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