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Green Plumbing in 2015

Climate change has become well established as an irrevocable product of human error and habitual resource abuse. As a result of the world production of immense green house gases, the natural climate has experienced drastic changes over the course of only fifty years. Water and air quality has also been dramatically affected by the misuse of materials, and a blasé approach to proper waste management. Although the damage cannot be undone, it can be slowed and eventually stopped through environmentally friendly actions and initiatives.  In the wake of many common environmental issues, like climate change, there are many innovative solutions on how to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. In the plumbing sector, greening the plumbing system in an average home can lead to reduced costs for the homeowner, and a healthier environment for the planet and its inhabitants.

When most homeowners envision green remolding for their home, the first thing that comes to mind is cost.  There is a large misunderstanding that surrounds the green building sector: environmentally friendly items are expensive.  For plumbing, it is highly unlikely that a homeowner will spend more using green products, than if they chose conventional materials.  Even so, if the initial cost of a green plumbing item is higher, it will eventually save money in the long run.  Green plumbing helps to reduce energy costs and water usage, and is considered and investment that will pay for itself over the course of time.  In addition to saving money, green plumbing also provides cleaner water to an average tap, and conserves precious water resources more efficiently.

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In major cities around the world it is extremely common to see homeowners installing green plumbing. In NYC especially, green plumbing has become a way for landlords to save some money in a tight realty market.  Many plumbers in NYC have established themselves as green experts, and are well versed on the practices that make a home more environmentally efficient. Below are two examples of steps some plumbers in NYC take in order to go green.

Insulating Pipes: Pipes that have no insulation lose a significant amount of heat as water travels from the heater to the faucet. By properly insulating a pipe, energy costs will be cut back.

Low-Flush Toilets- the largest water draw in the house is the simple flushing of a toilet.  The average person flushes 28 gallons of water down the drain, per day. Low flush toilets use almost five times less water per flush.

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If you are looking for a plumber in NYC, it is always beneficial to contact one who is an expert on green plumbing.

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