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Help Conserve Water

Water is the most valuable resource on the planet. Every human being on earth needs water in order to survive, and as the population grows, it all the more pressing to conserve this precious resource. In major cities across the world, especially NYC, water conservation movements and practices are being implemented. For most New York City apartment dwellers, conserving water through mindful-plumbing initiatives helps to both alieavate demand and waste of water, but also allows renters to save some cash on bills.

Everybody uses water and all water usages are divided into two sub categories: System users and System operators. A system user is the everyday consumers, restaurant, or farm that uses water for daily needs. System users are those who can change their everyday water consumption by modifying behavior and altering their plumbing systems on the engineering level. By modifying both behavior and engineering practices, people can limit their enviromentmental impact on the nearby water resources.  

Engineering practices are the easiest alteration that a person can make in order to help conserve water. System users can install low flow toilets and update old plumbing infrastructure in order to help limit waste. In order to do so, it is recommended to contact a plumber in NYC.  Although it may seem like an expensive decision at first, installing green plumbing can help to save money over time. Using appliances that disperse less water helps to lower water bills dramatically. Low flush and flow toilets are one of the best ways to limit degradation of precious water resources. Residential bathroom use accounts for almost 60% of the water usage in all of New York, and over 40 percent of that demand is from toilets. The average New Yorker uses over 8,000 gallons a year, just on flushing the toilet. Low flush toilets only flush up to 1.4 gallons of water down the drain, which is a drastic drop in comparison to the conventional toilet that flushes 3.5 gallons.

Aside from hiring a plumber in NYC to change the entire system, behavioral practices can always be amended, in order to help conserve water. For example, brushing your teeth without the faucet running, or taking shorter showers, is a perfect way to limit water consumption on an annually basis. It may not seem like it, but overtime little alterations to behavior can go a long way. If you are interested in green plumbing, contact a local plumber in NYC for more information!  

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