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How long can you keep a Hot Water Heater?

All homes come equipped with a hot water heater, which is used every day. Do you know how old your system is? The unfortunate truth about all hot water heaters is that they eventually will die. Regardless of usage, maintenance, and repairs, a water heater is not designed to last forever. A heater is supposed to last from 8 to 15 years. There are several warning signs that will manifest, which strongly indicate an old, failing system. This includes:

  • Failure to create and transmit hot water
  • Leaks near base of heat
  • Odd, new noises coming from tank
  • Tinted/colored water

Having an older machine checked prior warning signs is the safest way to make sure there are no emergency plumbing problems. It is best to not take chances with a hot water heater, considering that the machine is responsible for providing hot water throughout the whole house. Hiring a plumber in NYC to check your heater will help to ensure your house is never without a consistent source of hot water. A plumber is your best option when it comes to maintaining a hot water heater. It is just a matter of time before a hot water heater breaks. The more you know how about the status of your system, the easier it is to avoid potential plumbing catastrophes.

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