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Why is Dirty Water Coming from My Shower Drain?

Taking a bath is a wonderfully relaxing experience. When dirty and old water backs up into a bathtub, it may discourage individuals from wanting to bathe. Plumber NYC, plumber new yorkWater will back up into a bath because of a simple reason. When a sewer line is blocked, a bathtub can suffer. When this happens, what is a homeowner to do? First, you should call a plumber in NYC to evaluate and fix your problem. The fix to the question depends on if waste pipes enter into a septic system or a municipal sewage system.

For homes with a septic tank, the problem can be the result of issues in the tank or the drain field. More commonly, problems are caused by a clog in the waste line. The variables make it hard to determine what is causing the problem. The same problems can be found for those on municipal waste systems. It is rare that homeowners find the blockage themselves, so hiring professional help is the best way to go.

Bathrooms that have toilets and tubs are usually on the same plumbing lines. When flushing, water may back up into the bathtub. This problem occurs when a block in drains happens past the point of connection.

Our team of plumbers in NYC can help restore your bathroom to proper working order. If you notice water in your bathtub after you flush, this is a symptom of a more significant problem in your system that must be addressed.

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