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Preventing Winter Plumbing Problems

Winters in New York City are typically cold. Freezing temperatures, blistering winds, and snow cause people to get out their warm clothing and stay in more. As we prepare our bodies to get through the cold months, we must also take the time to prepare our home’s plumbing to brave the weather.

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here are few worse home problems than a frozen pipe. Frozen pipes block the flow of water, which can make it challenging to get adequate hot water. Frozen pipes are also known to burst, which can cause flooding. Avoid calling for an emergency plumber in New York City, by prepping your home today.

What can you do to prep your home plumbing?

Take care of any leaky or dripping faucets and pipes. As leaky pipes freeze, water pressure builds. The more that pressure builds, the more likely a crack will occur (plastic, steel, and copper). Even the tiniest of cracks can cause severe flooding and damage.

  1. Insulate your pipes, especially pipes in vulnerable areas. Pipes in outer walls, attics, or basements are more likely to freeze than pipes centrally located in the home. Heat tape and thermostat-controlled heat cables prevent frozen pipes.
  2. Inspect and repair water heaters. Losing hot water in the dead of winter can make living at home difficult. A plumber in NYC can make sure your water heater works all winter long.
  3. Clean out downspouts and rain gutters. Leaves and debris block drains, and that can cause water to freeze. This problem causes water to back up into the walls. Frozen water in gutters can be substantial, which can cause them to pull away from the home.


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