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Things You Should Never Put in a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a great addition to many homes. It's an incredible convenience to be able to break down food with the simple flick of a switch. However, you'll want to ensure you take care of your disposal as they are expensive. Additionally, putting the wrong things down there may wreak havoc on your plumbing. Before you're rushing to call in a plumber NYC make sure you're putting the correct items down your disposal.

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Never throw the following into the garbage disposal:

  1. Celery - Because of its fibrous strings, this veggie tends to tangle around the blades. Avoid asparagus and corn husks for the same reason.
  2. Bones - Odds are they'll never make it past the blades. If they do, then they'll never make it past the pipes, causing clogs.
  3. Fruit Pits - There is a reason most kitchen knives do not go through a fruit pit: they are incredibly hard.
  4. Eggshells - Eggshells are a hot topic when it comes to garbage disposal safety. Some claim the shells sharpen the blades. Others say the membrane stick to the sides and wraps around blades. We say err on the side of caution and don't toss eggshells down the disposal.
  5. Grease - Always keep grease far away from any plumbing fixtures as it will almost always cause clogging.
  6. Potato Peels - Avoid putting potato peels and other starchy vegetables down the garbage disposal as they can cause a wet, soupy mess.

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If you accidentally threw the above items in your garbage disposal, do not panic. As a leading plumber New York City company, our trained professionals can fix any problem.


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