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Surviving the Winter With Your Pipes Intact

There are so many problems to be aware of while trying to survive winter in NYC. Winters in the city can be extreme with freezing weather, snow, sleet, and ice. These conditions raise energy bills, make it hard to commute, and can get someone sick, but those are only some of the problems to be mindful of. Our team of plumbers in Manhattan can help ensure that your pipes do not freeze. Our professionals can insulate your pipes. Besides insulating pipes, you can take a few precautions to help ensure that your pipes stay healthy this winter.

  • During the winter, do not put your home’s temperature below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your home above 55 will help keep pipes inside the home warm. You must leave your house at 55 even if you are away on vacation. You do not want your pipes to freeze while you are away.
  • Clean off snow from any pipes that are outside your home.
  • Unscrew hoses from home.
  • Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinets (one’s with pipes) open to let heat circulate.
  • Keep garage doors closed as much as possible to keep heat in.
  • Let cold water drip constantly even when not at home. Moving water does not freeze as quickly as still water.
  • Ensure that you have proper drain cleaning NYC. Clogged pipes make it easier for water to freeze.

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