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Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter

Unfortunately, the only person responsible for protecting pipes and water from freezing is a homeowner. A homeowner must be aware of the pipes and water meters located in crawl spaces, attics, basements, and other unheated areas of the home because these are the places where pipes are most likely to freeze.
Plumber New York Preventing frozen pipes is crucial because it can create a slew of different problems when it occurs. 

  • When meters freeze and break, the NYC DEP will come to repair or replace them. They will then bill the homeowner for the cost.
  • Service lines or pipes can freeze and crack, which will cause wet, messy situations
  • Pipes that freeze and do not break will prevent water from being transported to faucets (this is usually the case with hot water).

All three above problems should be addressed by a licensed plumber in New York City. Our team can identify issues and then repair them. We want to ensure that you and your family have warm water flowing when you need it.
These are tips you can follow to protect your pipes and meters. Following these tips will help ensure your pipes or meters do not freeze this winter.

  1. Hire professional plumbers in NYC to insulate vulnerable pipes
  2. Insulate outside walls
  3. Add space heaters to poorly heated areas of the home
  4. Turn off water to outdoor faucets
  5. Get rid of drafts in attics and crawl spaces
  6. Turn on faucets periodically to ensure water remains moving through pipes (running water does not freeze as quickly as still water)

Taking care of pipes during cold NYC winters is the sole responsibility of homeowners. We are here to help you do the things you can’t, like insulating pipes or fixing cracked ones. Call for a plumber NYC.

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