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When is the Right Time to Buy a New Toilet?

Toilets are not designed to last forever. With extended use, they eventually break. The wear and tear the system goes through is usually slow, but eventually all homes will need new toilets. How does one know when to go shopping? There are several key indicators that warn owners it may be time to replace, but the only way to know for sure is by using plumbers in NYC. Our talented team can identify problems, remove old toilets, and install new ones.

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How can you tell when it is time to call for a professional plumber?

You should know the warning signs of a broken toilet, and you should remain vigilant with your monitoring of the system. Below, we will highlight some common symptoms of broken toilets.

The easiest thing to spot is cracks in the tank or bowl. Porcelain is a very sturdy material, but it is not impervious to wear and tear. A cracked porcelain base will leak and create puddles. Water will continually flow, which will significantly increase water bills.

Wobbling toilets are another problem that could potentially mean devices must get replaced. Wobbling can be easy to fix, through tightening the screws at the base of the unit. Sometimes, water damage under the toilet can make it so screws can no longer be tightened. Water damage is caused by water leaking from the bottom of the system. A plumber in NYC can help you determine what the best thing to do is.

Toilets that a frequently clogging may need replacing. Older model units are low-flush style, which means they cannot process as much waste as newer systems. Older models also break and deteriorate over time, which will cause the system not to perform as well. Do not resign yourself to using a plunger or drain cleaner constantly.

We are plumbers in New York City that can help analyze, repair, and replace toilets. Look no further for a plumber NYC.

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