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Why do my Pipes Make Noises After Flushing?

There are normal and abnormal sounds that toilets make after being flushed. The normal noises indicate that the system is working properly, but the abnormal sounds are signs that things are wrong. It is important to distinguish between normal whooshing/gurgling noises and the foghorn sound, so that action can be taken to fix a home's plumbing.

There are common sounds that a toilet will make. This includes:

A short burst of air- this noise only happens periodically, and is merely and indication of water cycles.

A continuous hiss is caused when air is being forced through the toilet.

If you hear a thumping, it happens when the fill valve is turning off.

Rumbling noises (jack hammer) happen when a toilet is flushed.

Plumbers in NYCThere are a few reasons your toilet might start making unnatural noises and sounds. The most common reason is a worn/loose washer in the ballcock. This is an easy fix. If you open the toilet tank, and lift the float ball while the tank fills, you can test the problem. If the noise stops with the lifting of the arm, the issue is the washer.

There are a few steps to take to rectify the situation, but in the case of toilet fixes it is best to trust a professional. Plumbers in NYC can change valves quickly and inexpensively. The longer you wait to call a plumber, the worse the sound gets and the bigger the problem becomes.

Becoming familiar with the noises a toilet should and shouldn't make can help you identify a problem early on. Reach out to a plumber in NYC when you find problems.

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