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Why is My Toilet Hissing?

It is not uncommon to hear odd noises coming from a bathroom. The sounds of plumbing systems can range from tiny to rather loud. It is very likely that a toilet will gurgle and scream. Both are extremely common noises that happen because of daily use. Although a toilet is supposed to make noise, not all noises that they make can be signs of proper functionality. It is important to determine between good and bad noises. Knowing when your toilet is making distress calls will allow you to fix it more quickly.

What does a hissing noise indicate? First, a hissing noise in a toilet is not a good thing. When you hear this noise, it is the result of a leak in the back tank. The leak can be either water or air. Fixing water leaks is easier than air leaks. If you do not know how to make these fixes, you can call a plumber NYC. Our team can identify and fix all plumbing problems.

A hissing noise may seem innocuous, and you may be able to learn to live with the noise, but that doesn’t mean hissing noises do not need to be rectified. Leaving a hiss can lead to water leaking and creating floods. Leaving a hiss can also lead to damage to your pipes and devices. Avoid having to call emergency plumbing NYC. Let us help you fix your toilets.

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